Application Form for Retreat and Residential Stay at ZCR

Authentic Zen temple training in the tradition of Zen Master Seung Sahn under the guidance of his disciple, Hyon Gak Sunim.

This form is used to apply for all kinds of stays in the Zen Center.

Zen Center Regensburg is a place for serious Zen Training. We are a small temple run by volunteers with limited capacities to accomodate visitors.

By filling out this form, you help us to understand your motivation for Zen training at Zen Center Regensburg, especially your reasons to train with Hyon Gak Sunim. Your self-description helps us to understand best how to serve your visit, so that you may best optimise your time here.

Thank you for filling out this form. We will review your application, and will reply at our earliest possibility.

Dates: Arrival and Departure Time

Please let us know the intended dates of your stay at ZCR and provide us with an estimate of your proposed arrival and departure times, in order to to help us with planning.

The 4-Day Retreat officially starts on Wednesday with evening practice at 7 pm. First-time visitors are requested to arrive no later than 4.30 pm for their first-time on-boarding into the community.

The 7-Day Retreats start on Saturday in the evening and end on the next Saturday in the afternoon. Entries are possible until Wednesday. In order not to create to much movement during the retreat we recommend to focus the entries to Saturday before 5 pm, Monday at 5 pm or Wednesday at 5 pm.

Please note: Overnight visitors are accomodated in basic temple-style accommodation in common, shared rooms. There are showers and toilets for men and women.


Attending a Retreat at the Zen Center is an intensive community experience. During the retreat, participants immerse themselves in a structured routine of sitting and walking meditation, chanting, and silent meals, which can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. With the support of our experienced teacher and Abbot Hyon Gak Sunim and fellow practitioners, retreatants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Zen practice and connect with their own inner wisdom. By the end of the retreat, many report feeling more grounded, focused, and inspired to continue their meditation practice beyond the retreat setting.

Retreat Fees:

Standard: 140€/night, 800€/week, 2100€/month
Students & Members: 125€/night, 700€/week, 1800€/month

The total 4-Day Retreat Fees of 560€ consist of:
  • Retreat: 340€
  • + Food Costs: 100€
  • + Accomodation: 120€

Residential Training

Individuals who wish to engage in serious Zen training outside of scheduled retreats may be considered for admission by Hyon Gak Sunim, subject to a personal review of the application.

Please note that during non-retreat times, Hyon Gak Sunim is often travelling internationally to teach. Regardless whether Sunim is here or not, the Zen Center is always open for practice. During non-retreat times, morning and evening practice are held by our our local members and as a visitor you are very welcome to meditate with the community.
Residential Training Fees:

Standard: 80€/night, 400€/week, 1250€/month
Students & Members: 60€/night, 350€/week, 950€/month

Application for a Scholarship / Work Donation

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some individuals, and we want to assure you that we are committed to finding a solution that works for everyone. We remain committed to offering a welcoming and supportive environment for all practitioners, and we will always consider scholarship opportunities for those in financially difficult circumstances, students, or unemployed.

Alternatively, if you have special gifts that you can offer to our Community, you can also offer a "Work Donation". We will always be happy to discuss your ideas to help us grow our Sangha.

Public Streaming of Practice

The Zen Center Regensburg is regularly streaming its practice on Youtube to provice access to the practice and teachings to people that - for various reasons - cannot physically practice with us. The livestream on YouTube has become for many practictioners worldwide a great support in their practice.

By applying for a Retreat at Zen Center Regensburg or for Residential Training, you are also consenting to be part of the Livestream on Youtube.



The Zen Center is a non-profit organization under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (gemeinnütziger Verein). We are supported by the kindness of people who wish this mission to continue for helping the world. Our Training Fees do not always cover the full costs of the invaluable experience that we provide. If you wish to make a donation of food or money, please donate in the Donation Box or speak with one of our Residents.

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By clicking SEND below, I agree that the Zen Center Regensburg e.V. cannot be held liable for any injury sustained during my stay here for the agreed period of this registration. I agree also to live by "The Temple Rules" by Zen Master Seung Sahn during this period of my stay:

I confirm that all answers have been provided with the best knowledge available to me now (especially regarding health and mental condition).