Daily practice of Sitting, Chanting, and Walking Meditation


05:30 – 7:00


19:00 – 20:30

Please arrive 15-20 min before practice!

Latecomers (after 15 minutes before practice) cannot be admitted.

The Korean meditation temple calendar is divided into two periods: “Kyol Che” (strict Dharma) and “Hae Jae” (loosened Dharma). The Hae Jae period is, according to Korean temple tradition, the schedule outside of the bi-annual intensive retreat periods. Hae Jae provides more of an opportunity to practice in everyday life situations: work periods, periodic projects and special events are great opportunities to support the temple as well as use our Zen practice to do together-action as a community.

The monthly 3-day retreats happen every month during Hae Jae. No previous experience is required (see “Retreats” section), but we strongly urge those wishing to sit the monthly retreats first to attend several evenings’ practice at the Zen Center. Short retreats are also useful for people with busy lives, who have difficulty taking time off for a longer retreat.

NOTE: Except in rare cases, it is not possible to have direct, personalized beginners’ instruction in the basics of Zen from Hyon Gak Sunim directly. Beginning January 1, 2023, we will require anyone who wishes to have basic instruction either a.) to obtain that instruction directly from one of Sunim’s senior approved disciples, or b.) to take Sunim’s revolutionary new Online Course in Zen: “Authentic Temple Zen” — The Basics. This video course will instruct you in all the fundamentals of a stable and strong sitting practice, as he learned it and trained in Asia. The course is fee-based, but the course fee (which supports the Zen Center Regensburg) is equivalent to what you would pay to attend a retreat with Sunim. “The Basics” course can be found here:  If the cost of The Course is prohibitive, please write us an email explaining what you are willing to offer for The Course. Although profits from The Course support the Zen Center Regensburg, we will try to help you to find a way to practice.