About US

The Zen Center Regensburg e.V is an International Zen community founded by a group of friends practicing Zen Meditation under the direction of Hyon Gak Sunim, beginning in 2011. It was established as a non-profit organization, or “Verein,” under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, in 2016.

There is daily meditation at 4:30 and at 19:00, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Following the teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn, the practice form is Bowing, Chanting, Sitting and Walking Meditation.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the beginning of daily morning and evening practice. Late arrivees (within 10 minutes before the start of practice) cannot be admitted.

One can participate in Morning/Evening Practice without any previous experience, for those who have meditation experience in another tradition.

For absolute newcomers to meditation, we suggest you orient yourselves with the Introduction to Meditation classes, held usually every two weeks on Friday. There is no charge, but a minimum donation of 10 EUR is encouraged. Please make an appointment through our email address to be sure that a class is being held on the day you wish and to inform us about your coming. Beginners who wish to attend the “Introduction to Zen” class can reach us at “zen.center.regensburg@gmail.com”. The next possible date is the 28.02.2020 at 17:30.

Every month, there is a three-day intensive Zen retreat (“YMJJ”). The retreat is held in silence. We also hold a traditional 90-day Winter Kyol Che and a 30-day Summer Kyol Che. Please check this website and our Facebook “Zen Center Regensburg” page for details and updates. 

There are opportunities for overnighting at ZCR. In fact, for retreats, it is strongly required. Contact our office for details. 

We are supported by donations. This is not a well-funded organization or church. It is a small community of fellow-practitioners, living a semi-monastic life in the city, open to all. Because of this, we are grateful for anything you could offer to help with our rent and expenses. Even a jar of almond butter, or some juice, or some good traditional German bread are acceptable donations. But cash definitely helps. Any donations to the Zen Center Regensburg e.V are tax-deductible in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Everything is impermanent. The Zen Center Regensburg e.V is a “pop-up store”, a Tibetan sand-mandala, or a flash-mob: Here today, gone tomorrow. Like all things. We are completely unattached to its coming and its going. All programs and continuity are currently promised though end of 2020.