We have plenty of mats and cushions of various sizes and densities. Unless you have some special physiological hindrance which requires special equipment (like a specialized sitting-bench), we do not recommend you bring anything.

We recommend loose-fitting clothing, as you will be sitting cross-legged on the ground. The use of shorts or mini-skirts is not recommended, as this will hinder your sitting posture experience. During retreats, the Zen Center will lend participants traditional temple clothing for the duration of the retreat. This helps to create a “neutral” practicing atmosphere that keeps the focus on the practice, not unlike symphony orchestra performers dressing all in uniform black-and-white outfits. You get the point.

Zen means observation, investigation. There is no “belief system” or dogma to be learned or accepted — there is only the radically pure seeing into our True Nature, which is always pure and clear. Intentionally, we do not do any “counseling” or advising during the retreats, except for the occasional “nudges” which Sunim might give during certain points of the sitting or bowing practice. If a problem appears during retreat that is causing a disturbance for your practice, you are welcome to post a request on the Community Board to speak with the Teacher. If it is possible, a short meeting might possibly be arranged. But Sunim will definitely not be available for any intellectual or conceptual chats — these have no place in a traditional Zen retreat. We also discourage the use of pers writing-journal and books during retreats.

The Buddha’s teachings are offered freely. We are not transaction-based, like a health club or martial arts studio.

But someone needs to help with electricity, water, heat, light, food, and insurance. Please, give what you can. If you are absolutely unable to pay for the retreat, please communicate this to the staff before arriving for the retreat. This is NOT a matter to be worked out after your arrival.

If you come once or twice a month for practice, then putting something in the donation box (like 10€) is enough. If you come once a week or more often we suggest to make a membership. That way you don’t have to worry about how much to give and we have to worry less about our rent 🙂

We also accept offers of volunteer-help, donations of needed foods or materials or skills. Connect with a temple member if you have questions.

See more infos at: Donate

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