Retreat Application

Authentic Zen temple training in the tradition of Zen Master Seung Sahn.

This form is used to apply for all kinds of stays in the Zen Center.


The 3-Day Retreats start with the evening practice on Thursday and end Sunday in the afternoon around 4pm. The 4-Day Retreats start on Wednesday.
Please arrive before 6pm (except flight guests).

First Time Retreatants: Please arrive at 4pm.

Zen Training Fees

All prices incl. boarding and basic temple-style accommodation in common, shared rooms. There are showers and toilets for men and women.

The charges only cover basic costs, and they do not even pay for the ZCR’s basic rent expenses. Retreat and training fees are intentionally kept extremely low to give as many people as possible a chance to practice Zen meditation.
Minimum Zen Training Fees

Per Night: 80€ Normal // 60€ Student // 50€ Members
Per Week: 500€ Normal // 350€ Student // 280€ Members
Per Month: 1500€ Normal // 1250€ Student // 950€ Members

We are supported by donations, and will be grateful for any extra donation you wish to leave in the Donation Box during your visit, or make an offer of food or needed things for the ZCR community, or add to your Training Fees, here.

By clicking SEND below...

By clicking SEND below, I agree that the Zen Center Regensburg e.V. cannot be held liable for any injury sustained during my stay here for the agreed period of this registration. I agree also to live by "The Temple Rules" by Zen Master Seung Sahn during this period of my stay.